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Socially, Ecologically and Financially Sustainable Land Based Salmon Farming

Salmon in Tank

Headed up by industry professionals, FishFrom Limited has been created to provide customers with a consistent and predictable supply of premium quality salmon utilising world leading technology that minimises impact on the environment and maximises animal welfare. FishFrom is also developing a ground-breaking technology that will have a significantly beneficial effect on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems and other land-based facilities where water treatment is the predominant technology.

Feeding the world’s growing population has now become one of the biggest challenges facing society today. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation have stated that simply to keep pace, pro-rata, we will need to increase aquaculture output by 80 million tonnes by 2030, effectively doubling existing production. It is imperative we find sustainable and innovative ways to meet the collective rising food and nutrition demand.

At FishFrom Ltd, we have a solution that addresses this enormous challenge directly, and, beneficially, will leave a lasting and positive impact on the future of Atlantic salmon. Our solution will revolutionise the way salmon can be grown without some of the side effects associated with the existing methods of production. Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) have been successfully rearing fish for 40 years, but now its use to grow smolt and salmon commercially has started. Our processes are all refined and diligently engineered to ensure maximum sustainability, exceptional animal welfare, and all carried out in an environmentally sensitive way that is commercially viable and has potential global roll out opportunities.

Our vision at FishFrom Ltd is to produce salmon not just cost effectively but in a non-impactful controlled way, free from vaccines and antibiotics and therefore more desirable to the consumer whilst at the same time providing highly attractive economic returns for our investors.