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To replicate the technical and operational FishFrom Ltd processes to build new farms across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. This will aid the world’s growing population to access a valuable source of protein provided by the most sustainable form of fish production.

Salmon Fillets



FishFrom Ltd has a ‘spade-ready’ 18-acre site in Scotland allowing us to construct and develop Phase 1 and 2 of our business plan.

Phase 1, as depicted below, is a small-scale Salmon RAS facility installed into an already existing building on site. The plan is to carry out the RAS installation and stock 150g smolt (juvenile salmon) from a nearby hatchery and then grow these 2 generations of salmon till they reach market size of around 4-5kgs. We expect that this will take 24 months to complete and the successful harvesting of 50 tonnes of salmon will secure investment for Phase 2.


Phase 2 is our 3,600 tonne farm for which we have full planning consent. Here we will build a completely new facility adjacent to Phase 1. The build and commissioning of this facility is expected to take 18 months and then we will grow 6 generations of salmon each year through the system allowing us to supply our customers fresh salmon every week throughout the year.

To be able to complete Phase 1, FFL is looking to raise £4.2m through a mix of Equity investments (£1.5 – 2m), loans (£1.75 – 2m) and further grant funding (£500 – 700k). We have launched on two online High Net Worth fund raising platforms and have approximately £300k currently pledged by existing shareholders and contacts.