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Our RAS Technology Approach

Salmon in Tank
FishFrom has an exclusive agreement to develop and commercialise a proprietary technology in conjunction with an Italian University. This technology eradicates the trace compounds of Geosmin and 2-MIB that are known to give fish reared in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) a muddy flavour. Easily scaled and retrofitted to existing systems or provided as an independent unit for new installations we are seeking to Patent the processes of this technology.

Combining our proprietary technology with the latest state-of-the-art RAS technology FishFrom Ltd will be able to provide the customer with a consistent and predictable supply of uniquely fresh fish all year round. Something the existing sea cage farming industry cannot match. The fish will be reared in ideal growing conditions: clean, highly oxygenated and temperature-controlled water, with fish swimming against a continuous vortex in an environment free from pathogens and parasites and, importantly, without requiring vaccines. Powered by renewable energy, the farm will produce premium quality Salmon grown with the most sustainably sourced fish feed. The facility will be the first in the UK and will supply Superior Scottish Salmon at market size.

Our Phased approach will provide investors with the best possible chances of success in this field. We will construct and install a 2-tank facility and all the component parts of a large-scale salmon grow-out RAS farm including the, genetics and feed and and rear 2 generations of salmon to market size. The 24-month project will grow salmon from 150g to 5kgs and will allow us to fully train all our technicians and husbandry staff on the RAS technology and its operational processes for future farms. We will develop strong customer relations with our off-take contractor and a number of their 400 customers who will be participating in the project’s market research of the harvested fish including taste tests. This is all Phase 1.