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WI Capital EXPO 2022

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FishFrom is proud to announce that we will be one of the featured companies at the exclusive WI Capital EXPO 2022 Conference in London. This year’s theme is focused on “The Era of Exponential Innovation” and Wholesale Investor will be hosting the event on the 14th of November. The event is a whole day with 10 speakers from the UK’s… Read More »WI Capital EXPO 2022

FishFrom Biosecurity

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As a food producer, the internal and external biosecurity of the building is of paramount importance. Our promise to customers is to supply the highest-quality salmon, grown in pristine water, without the need for vaccines or harmful chemicals. From a commercial standpoint, we need to prevent any interruption of supply and ensure consumers have complete confidence in the FishFrom brand.… Read More »FishFrom Biosecurity

Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

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The waste management and biofiltration systems that will be installed in our land-based fish farm form the starting point for designing the recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). Our preferred technology will allow us to keep different generations of fish in separate water systems that can be independently controlled and monitored. Rather than relying on one overall system to filter, cleanse and… Read More »Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

FishFrom’s Salmon Will Excel in Terms of Freshness, Taste and Quality

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Since FishFrom is starting production from scratch, we have the additional advantage of being able to offer retailers a bespoke product that meets their precise specifications. In other words, the retailer could determine factors such as the best size of fish for their customers, the best days of the week for supply and the most desirable flesh colour. With construction… Read More »FishFrom’s Salmon Will Excel in Terms of Freshness, Taste and Quality

The life cycle of the Atlantic salmon.

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Salmon are an anadromous species — starting life in freshwater, migrating to the ocean to feed and grow, and returning to their river of birth to spawn. Most salmon go through distinct stages: Ova: In late autumn, female salmon dig channels (redds) in the (freshwater) riverbed gravel using their tails and release hundreds of eggs for the male to fertilise… Read More »The life cycle of the Atlantic salmon.

Welcome to FishFrom

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The company was co-founded by OddGeir Oddsen and Andrew Robertson who met courtesy of an introduction by the then CEO of the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Tony Andrews. At the meeting held at Edinburgh airport we discussed the work being carried out by the Freshwater Institute out in West Virginia, USA, and their use of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology to… Read More »Welcome to FishFrom