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FishFrom’s Salmon Will Excel in Terms of Freshness, Taste and Quality

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Since FishFrom is starting production from scratch, we have the additional advantage of being able to offer retailers a bespoke product that meets their precise specifications. In other words, the retailer could determine factors such as the best size of fish for their customers, the best days of the week for supply and the most desirable flesh colour. With construction of our Tayinloan salmon facility due to start next year, it’s important to find the right retailer for our product: one that makes the most of the unique attributes of our salmon. FishFrom’s mission is to provide a healthy, sustainable, profitable and consistent supply of salmon, without the seasonality and biological challenges that the sea cage method of fish farming endures.

Our hallmarks include:
• high-quality fish, raised in an environment free of parasites and pathogens, without vaccination and with no impact on wild salmon stocks
• optimal growing conditions, including carefully-controlled temperature, light, feed and water quality to ensure fantastic health and welfare for our fish
• world-leading technology and techniques that ensure 99% of water is recycled, the fish are fed from sustainable sources and all waste streams are managed
• predictable supplies, with fish bred on site and harvested five days a week, 52 weeks a year

When operational, Tayinloan will produce 15 tonnes of salmon a day, amounting to 3,000 x 5kg fish. We will raise six generations of salmon a year. Each generation will be harvested over two months, beginning with the fastest growing fish.

FishFrom’s model has the scalability to increase production volumes. In future, we can replicate the Tayinloan facility at additional sites across the UK or indeed internationally, which is another benefit for potential retail partners.